For life's big moves

Hello, we’re Revere. The modern estate agent for Edinburgh’s people. Whether you’re a home seeker or seller, we look after the nitty gritty of buying or selling your home, so you can spend more time on the finer things in life.

The property people for Edinburgh's people

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To all the home seekers, the sellers, and the just seeing what’s out there lurkers. To the newlyweds, new parents, and new starts. To the downsizers, the attic explorers, and the storage hunters. To the bakers who crave a better kitchen and the foodies hungry for a bigger fridge.

To those who wish moving home was simple. Effortless. Dare we say… fun?

Welcome to Revere, your local estate agents in Edinburgh. The property people for life’s big moves.

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What's my property worth?

Itching to know what your home is worth? We would love to meet you and give a free guide price for the sale value of your home.