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19th March 2021
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The paperless Agent: Why you may need to switch from pen and paper to technology

Go on admit it, we’ve all been handed a piece of paper with important information and lost it. You spend ages sifting through other bits of paper, looking under the bed, resorting to blaming your partner or worse case “the dog must have chewed it”. Wouldn’t things be a lot easier if we just stopped writing so much down?

Personally, I used to always love noting things down in my fancy notepad in a super swish pen that popped with several colours, however, today, I can’t think of anything worse. Looking back on my career, many of my property roles required pen and paper to record data and it would be stored in a cabinet. Don’t get me started on that! Popping a note down for a client, I would see it being folded up into a tiny square, stored in the back of the pocket and I just knew it was long gone.

In today’s society, almost every person owns a mobile phone, laptop or tablet. We confirm viewings with a phone call and follow up feedback through email due to this. Some agencies are still handing out paper documents to their clients, whether it is a sales proposal, home report or information regarding their next sales viewing. Why? It is time consuming and not environmentally friendly.

What are some benefits of using technology in the property world? -

Technology creates transparency

Having information recorded correctly will stand you apart from the crowd. Nobody wants to be handed a bit of paper when discussing something so important, therefore, valuations should be recorded neatly and sent directly to the vendor. For post viewing feedback, a great agency will contact you either by phone or email to obtain this information and filter this onto a branded e-document for the vendor.

Less administration, more communication

With today’s CRM systems and marketing agencies, many employees are able to focus more on the customer and let technology do the hard stuff. As a result, more viewings are organised, and your client feels reassured they are in safe hands. Setting up match profiles for your buyers is a great hack in ensuring the right properties are sent directly to their inbox.

Update, update, update

The number of listings online showing photographs of properties from many years back is terrifying! The images are blurry and it’s near enough impossible to make out what is going on. With technology, you can have these updated on a regular basis and even shoot promo videos for your buyer to watch before viewing. They are creative and really catch your attention. An example agency that is currently operating this is Revere.

Social media is sweet

Instead of advertising your properties solely on your website or the portals, create some social accounts and watch your brand flourish. Many of your first-time buyers will be at an age where they use Instagram and Facebook on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be great if they stop on one of your posts and connect with you? Timing your posts and content to suit your audience is a great tool for getting noticed and heard. Word of mouth People talk and we all know it. Selling or buying a property is a big deal and if you provide top service and do everything right, you are going to get new clients very quickly. A small switch can work wonders on getting your name out there. Don’t be afraid to step away from what “you think you know”. If you don’t adapt now, then, when will you? 2021 is the year of change and everybody is finding new ways of working and it’s slowly becoming the normal. It’s time to work on your brand and allow it to fit within today’s society. At the end of the day, your experience should be smooth, enjoyable and memorable. Now, shall we ditch the paper and pen?

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