Edinburgh’s new skyline welcoming opportunities for buyers and sellers – is it for everyone?

18th May 2021
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Hello St James Quarter! It has been no surprise the anticipation and excitement carried with this new development - it has been the topic of conversation from the very beginning and to now visit in person, it is simply wonderful. From the skylight ceiling to the traditional stone walls there is plenty to please everybody.

The £1bn asset has welcomed a mass opening of jobs through more than 40 retailers including brands that are distinct to the capital bringing a new energy when shopping. Combining stores with eateries, a bowling arcade and cinema has been seen in several other complexes, however, the opportunity for a workspace, overnight stay or home accommodation is rather rare. St James Quarter will be introducing these unique living experiences in time to come.

When you think of a city like Edinburgh you thrive of a busy atmosphere and you want to see the tourists in their glory, the morning rush and coffee pick up stops, the restaurants and bars packed to the brim of happy faces and experience the events that the city offers. As someone that has worked and lived here for several years, a balance of both is something I desire simply due to my lifestyle changes. As a student, someone living alone or as an investment opportunity you could say differently.

There are many perks to purchasing within the city centre due to the long-term opportunities that come with it. One main one being there will always be a buyer looking to reside in close approximate to everything that is going on. Residing in a new build apartment is also exciting as you have the ability to walk straight in without any extra costs or renovations.

This amazing new feature in the city centre along with others such as the new Johnnie Walker Experience on Princes Street are making Edinburgh a much more attractive place to live and visit. We are seeing a massive increase in demand for property from families looking to relocate from down South and other areas of the UK. It seems that Edinburgh is certainly high up on many peoples list!

What are your thoughts of new development like St James Quarter? What do you see the skyline of Edinburgh looking like in the next 10 years?

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