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21st March 2023
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Parenthood is one magical and exhausting trip that we wouldn’t change for anything in this world. Although maybe we would change the way we return to our chosen careers and the fight to source childcare, remain financially stable and still have time to look after ourselves. For many of us, the return to work is not an option due to several factors and the main being flexibility. If you are lucky enough to return to work after having a child, embrace the opportunity and find what works best for you to make the transition as easy as possible. 

Belonging to a company that value and care about your wishes and needs is vital at any time, and only enhanced when you need the extra support to make things right. After a beautiful period off after the birth of my second son in May 2022, I can delightfully say I have the best of both worlds, and I will be forever grateful to have an understanding and reassuring boss. I am a working mum in Real Estate and for me it is the best job in the world. Since having my two children, my empathy levels have doubled and I can truly see myself in our clients shoes, especially those with children and looking for their family home. I understand the need for a certain area due to a specific school catchment, to belong to a community, feel safe and for the working office to only be around the corner. 

I found the following tips to be useful for my return to work -

  • Being organised the night before for the nursery run by packing your children’s bag and laying out their clothes

  • Charge your laptop, phone and have your bag ready before for going into the office

  • Wake up before your children and have some time to meditate and eat

  • Write down 3 things you are grateful for each morning to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing

  • Get rid of any old clothing and treat yourself to a new wardrobe as nothing beats having a refresh

  • On your lunch break, do something you enjoy such as the gym, go for a walk or listen to a podcast to break up the day

  • Switch your phone off in the evening when you are reunited with your children and soak up those moments

Picture this, you’ve successfully managed the nursery/school drop off after the battle of the morning rush and you walk through those familiar office doors with a nervous yet happy smile. This is the biggest moment of your life following the arrival of your child and those warm hugs and “welcome back” calls mean more than you could ever imagine. I have found returning to work makes me a better parent and as much as it is lovely interacting with a little human being, having real adult conversations are important and you can’t forget that nice warm cup of coffee. We love our children and it is ok to love your career too. 

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