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17th December 2021
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Our first 9 months

Revere first opened our doors in March this year and it’s fair to say it has been a rollercoaster. As a company who was born into Covid we adapted our business model to deal with the possibility of more lockdowns and obstructions. Unfortunately, the end is not quite yet in sight, however, we continue to work with our clients by putting both their and buyers’ safety first. Our focus is very much on utilising technology to allow our clients experience to be as streamline and efficient as possible.

Ellie McCallum joined Revere from the start and has been an influential part of the team. Prior to joining Revere Ellie’s experience includes property management and most recently was working with a company providing CRM software across the world. Customer service is very important to Ellie which is evident from her 5-star reviews from every client she has worked with. I can honestly say that our success to date would not be possible without Ellie’s drive and work ethic.

Since launching 9 months ago, Revere has helped over 40 clients sell their homes across Edinburgh and the Lothians. We are delighted to retain an overall 5-star review on Google and one of our main sources of New Business comes from our clients’ referrals, showing the quality of service we provide. In addition to a personable customer experience, we understand that results matter!! Therefore, we are happy to say that Revere, across the board, achieved a sales figure of over £600,000 above home report valuations. Interestingly a large number of Revere's sales were carried out off market due to successful sales of neighbouring properties and numerous buyers missing out at competitive closing dates.

It’s obvious to say that it has very much been a seller’s market in 2021 with a low volume of stock available and demand significantly higher than years prior. It looks as though this will continue into the New Year and we look forward to working with many more people across the Capital. As well as selling homes we want to help individuals and families find their perfect home. Our CRM system has been a crucial part of this, our ‘match profile’ helps those looking to be notified immediately of any properties matching their criteria.

Revere is looking forward to the challenges that 2022 brings and will be expanding the team due to increase of demand. We have created exciting relationships across a variety of different sectors and watch this space for big news coming early next year.

2021 has been an exciting one for us and we want to wish all our clients who have helped us along the way a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our vision is on 2022 and we can’t wait for the journey!

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