The rise of home offices and how our buying decisions are changing

18th May 2021
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We have spent the past year working from home and have realised how successful it has been for many, resulting in it becoming the new normal. Our kitchen worktops and sofas are no longer where we spend backbreaking hours, and we are now being creative with our homes and the spaces available. Bedrooms are being moved around to allow space for desks and balance out our work and personal lives. TK Maxx, Ikea, Next Home and Habitat are our new favourite shops to name a few.

Home offices are on the rise and something clients are seeking when on their property search. Years gone by, we could live without one designated area for our work and make a space elsewhere, however, the changing needs of having an optimal working environment are significantly greater. It is important for many to have an inviting room that they can call their own and once the working day is over, the door can be shut and opened again the next day.

There are many ways you can make a difference on working from home, and it does not have to cost a fortune -

Firstly, find a room with plenty of natural light and scenery. Being able to work somewhere that welcomes sunlight and a bright atmosphere makes a huge difference to our mood. If you have a room that looks out onto a green space such as a garden, create your home office there. Green is often thought to represent tranquillity, good luck and health meaning happiness!
Now, let’s set up personal touches. That adorable picture of your baby or that special memory with a loved one can remind you why you are doing what you are doing, especially in a demanding role. Pop it up with pride and when things feel tough, take a moment to reflect and positive thoughts will come your way.
We can’t forget smell. If you have a favourite candle, light it whilst you are working and let yourself feel relaxed! Candles are perfect to create your own personal oasis and transform an ordinary space into a soothing home sanctuary. What more could you want?
The logistics are important, and I am sure most know this. Work and monitor height, good internet connection and best of all, a comfy chair! There are many shops that offer a variety of designs to make your office space funky and fresh. A personal favourite of mine is!
Storing your documentation and stationery neatly will make you feel organised and ensure your desk is de-cluttered. Having a desk with drawers is a simple way of doing this and if you want to go further, you can buy organisers and holders to match your interior!
Investing in a standing desk is worthwhile. We all know that sitting too much is not good for our health and standing lowers the risk of any problems! Having a standing desk brings less stress and fatigue, improving productivity. I have used one myself and can say they make a huge difference. Don’t just sit for anything, stand for something!

Here are some websites worth checking out when designing your home office –

I do believe many homes in the future will include offices and this will be a great advantage when it comes to selling. I will most certainly be looking out for this when it comes to it and in the meantime will continue being creative with what I have. I hope you are too!

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